Giusy de Ceglia is from Molfetta, a city in the Italian southern region of Puglia.

She has been active as fashion photographer since 1993. First in Los Angeles, then Düsseldorf, Milan and Amsterdam, where she is based. Over the past decade, she started contributing as journalist as well. She currently collaborates with Vogue Italia and Vanity Fair Italia. Among many others, she has interviewed Andra Day, Amber Valletta, Megan Rapinoe, Carré Otis, Rachel Ward, Helena Christensen, Karen Alexander, Manfred Thierry Mugler and Liya Kebede.

Currently she is completing the post-production of her upcoming photo book, which will present an impressive collection of women portraits she has shot throughout her artistic journey. From her best friends in her hometown when she was fifteen to top models and famous actresses, they will all be featured in what Giusy calls "the gallery of my life". For this photo book, she shot among others with the iconic 90’s supermodel ÈVE SALVAIL in New York, dressed for the occasion by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Giusy firmly believes her best photo is yet to be taken and keeps striving to capture inner beauty through "snapshots of the soul", as she calls her own photos.

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